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My name is Jessie Donaldson and I live with my husband and family in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Upstate New York and have always taken great pride in decorating my tree.  I have ornaments of all shapes and sizes, some light, some heavy, some old, some new.  Each ornament has been hand-selected because it adds a unique element to my Christmas tree.

Through the years, as my decorating style became more sophisticated and my ornament collection more extensive, I became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of my tree branches.  I was tired of having heavy ornaments droop lifelessly from a weak branch or having to hide these ornaments far inside the tree where the branches were strong enough to support them.  My oversized ornaments looked pathetic lying on a nest of limbs, instead of dangly freely where they could be admired.  That’s when I decided to invent a product that solved all of these problems.

Three years ago, I made the first sketch of Branchies™ on a piece of scrap paper, and started talking to family and close friends about the idea.  Everyone agreed it was a great idea and encouraged me to pursue it.  Since then, I have worked with some incredible people to develop a prototype, apply for a patent, and even produce a small lot of Branchies that were tested last season in stores throughout Fort Collins, Colorado and Skaneateles, New York.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  Branchies could change the way people decorate their trees.

Your Christmas tree is the winter centerpiece of your home and the objective of Branchies is to help make it a beautiful one. Branchies allow heavy ornaments to hang securely and large ornaments to dangle freely.  They allow you to hang an ornament from a sparse area on your tree where there are no limbs.  And with the ability to support up to two pounds of weight, they allow you to hang things on your tree that you never thought possible.  Imagine Christmas stockings, pictures of your family, birdhouses or your tea cup collection uniquely displayed from your spruce or pine.  Hang cowboy boots, gardening tools or your favorite antique doll collection—with Branchies, your creativity will be your limit, not your branches.

In addition to your heavy or over-sized ornaments, your fragile and expensive ornaments can be hung securely from Branchies as well.  Don’t risk having a favorite ornament or family heirloom break because of a sagging limb. 

While Branchies were designed with natural Christmas trees in mind, they work with artificial trees as well.  Even though artificial branches are stronger than natural ones, many are still not strong enough for your heaviest ornaments.  And the problem of having large ornaments crowded by the branches below is a universal problem.

Whether the ornament is heavy and large or fragile and antique, when extreme is your theme, hang it from a Branchie™.


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